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At WeWinGames.com, we want to give you the maximum chance to benefit from your sports betting progression.  Here are some reasons why this is what we really mean, as opposed to the more normal bland ‘mission’ of many corporates.

  1. We provide you free and premium picks with only 1 objective in mind-to maximize returns.  We are NOT tied into any particular tipsters, which means we are continually revising and exploring the various sources we use.  These sources include a variety of American and International tipsters.  Any who start to underperform are dropped from our betting picks and tips. We are continuously scouring the world for new quality tipping sources.  In fact, we welcome all potential sources and if you have any you think we should consider, please email us at info@wewingames.com
  2. Unlike many US-based betting services, we do not try to FOOL you by displaying only fancy win ratios.  This is for the simple reason that a win ratio on its own is almost meaningless.  You must take the odds into account to know if the service is profitable, as well as the stake size.  This is why we focus very much on ROI (Return on Investment) in our results. In fact, we urge you to be highly skeptical of any bet picks services that do not produce a credible ROI alongside their results. Ask yourself why they would choose to hide this? You can read our betting education article on Best Sports Betting Picks Measures to understand more.
  3. Our betting picks results are always displayed completely transparently and summarized for you in easy-to-understand tables.  Even more importantly, we show you all of the bets we have made ourselves and that make up our returns on our google sheet linked into the website – at the time of writing over 3000 bets placed in 2022 so far
  4. Line Shopping is a vital part of becoming a profitable sports bettor.  Yet, most websites that display a full odds comparison service leave out the Sportsbooks they are not affiliated with, as they do not earn money from those sites.  At WeWinGames, we prefer to put the customer first, which is the reason that our Odds Comparison shows all available books where we can access their feeds/odds.  We do make affiliate income off our partner clients and hope you will use our site to claim some of their offers.  However, we display the sites that we are not affiliated with as well.  This gives you the fullest available picture, which is the only way to maximise your profits.
  5. Our betting education goes well beyond the bland articles and statements of many of our competitors, e.g. sportsbooks make their money off only margin (the difference between 100 and -110 in odds = the Sportsbook ‘margin’).  This is repeated on many websites in articles written by sports journalists. This is simply not true-see our article on How do Sportsbooks make their profit.  So, either these sites are too lazy to delve a little deeper, or are deliberately misleading you.

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